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// Part of the High Rye Collection

Let yourself get lost in the subtle complexities of grain, vanilla, and spice flavors. Its sweet, pleasant hints of spicy rye and dry, yet smooth leather finish invites you to kick your boots off and stay in this moment a while.

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Color + Appearance

Rich amber color

Nose + Aroma

Fragrant, aromatic, caramel, vanilla, grain, leather

Palate + Taste

Subtle rye spices, vanilla, long and enjoyable leather finish

Mash Bill

» 60% Corn
» 36% Rye
» 4% Malted Barley
» 750 ML / 45% ABV

Cheers to the


New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, ’17


Best savored with starry skies. mountain air. deep breaths. a single rock.


Only the moments
worth sharing.