Southern Star Paragon Bottled-in-Bond

Wheated Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Regulation, but not standard.

// Part of the Paragon collection

100 proof is required for bottled-in-bond whiskey. And 100% of your attention is required to enjoy this unique bottled-in-bond wheated bourbon’s sweet and complex lineup of floral elements contained in a rich silky texture. Stick around long enough and you can soak up the warm flavors of ripe apple and dried apricot.

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SIP Awards, ’22


Ultimate Spirits Challenge, ’22


Ascot Awards, ’22


Denver Spirits Competition, ’22


Drink in the details.

Color + Appearance

Vibrant and dark amber

Nose + Aroma

Sweet with a complex array of floral characteristics

Palate + Taste

A calming, silky texture with a rich caramel character

Mash Bill

» 70% Corn
» 16% Wheat
» 14% Malted Barley
» 750 ML / 50% ABV

Best savored with Cool evenings. Close friends. Special Occasions. Your best glass.


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