Southern Star Paragon

Wheated Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Vanilla doesn’t mean boring.

// Part of the Paragon collection

Take a sip and take a moment to enjoy as this smooth, welcoming bourbon reveals more complex vanilla, chocolate, and fruit notes, along with walnut and honey, all carried on a soft but rich texture. There’s even a little bite, for those who need to sip something with teeth.

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Ascot Awards, ’22


Drink in the details.

Color + Appearance

Vibrant and dark amber

Nose + Aroma

Sweet with a complex array of fruity-florals and ripe apple

Palate + Taste

Vanilla, honey, subtle hints of walnut, and a rich texture

Mash Bill

» 70% Corn
» 16% Wheat
» 14% Malted Barley
» 750 ML / 46% ABV

Best savored with good conversation. gentle breezes. crackling fires. some ice.


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